strafe movement

Howdy to all you fine UE4 Blueprinters!

I’ve been going around in circles, for a few hours just trying to add strafing(sliding) movement on the x and z axis on the flying game template but just can’t get anywhere with it. :frowning:
Even tried the 6DOF tutorial (here: but even on that I can’t get past compiling the FPS C++ WSAD coding part near the beginning(steps 4 to 8…just can’t get past it…). I always get errors compiling so I’m not sure if it’s due to code differences in Engine 4.7…or I need a sub-beginner tutorial. :o

Is there a simple Blueprint addition that can be added to the existing template to allow sideways and up/down strafing?
I’m aware of setting the controls in the project properties and linking it using the BluePrint code in the above tutorial but whatever I try is non responsive in game. :frowning:

My intention is to map WSAD to forward/backward and turning and then I want the Up, Down, Left and Right keys to control strafing movements on the x and z axis.

Many thanks in advance for any help/guidance anyone can provide!

This would be a good question to post on AnswerHub. I’m sure you would quickly get an answer from people, then. (And that answer would be peer-reviewed and archived for the future.) :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestion Jezcentral! Muchly appreciated!

I’ve found that someone else had asked the same question, but it was never answered. Have commented to give it a bump! :slight_smile:

Just to confirm, you are look like strafing like a helicopter?


Yes, that is correct.
I’d like to keep the movement of the flying demo and then add strafing to it, using a second set of keys.

I just played for the first time.

Movement left and right slow, really slow.

I will look in to it. Are we looking A&D turn, arrow left and right are for strafe


Cheers for looking into this Narg! Many thanks! :smiley:

Yes, you are correct! A&D for turning and then arrow left and right are for strafe!
Arrow up and down would then be used for rising or lowering vertically.

Did you ever get a change to look into this Narghile?

trying to solve this too myself. Anyone have any idea?

It’s amazing to see that it was too easy to even see it as a problem:P managed to get it working by this:


This this give a skating effect left and right Only on input? If so wicked that first stage of Strafe for a character besides a FULL animation of it

Thanks m8