"STR3AM" - Metahuman Music Video

Hey all!

I wanted to share a music video that we released, for our friend and amazing musician Kì-Kí Ÿågø . The video was made with Metahumans, iPhone Face Capture from the artist, rendered in Unreal Engine 5, and with most geometries made procedurally in HoudiniFX, or megascan assets.

This work is about the beauty and mystery of the swamp as an allegory of the human mind’s ability to consciously extend into the metaverse

Here are a few links if you wanna follow our work!
Instagram : snayss
Website : codercat.tk
Spotify: Kiki Yago

Enjoy, and would be happy to answer any questions!


Hi again @snayyss,

So nice to see you around again :smiley:

While I wish I understood the lyrics to the song, the video is definitely great enough on its own. The creepy forest and the feeling of being hunted are terrifying but done so well. The movement/stance on the person in the beginning made the video for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2023!


Yeah it’s been a minute! Thank you:)

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Greetings, @snayyss; I hope you’re doing well! Thank you for sharing your wildly tantalizing/mesmerizing metahuman music video, “STR3AM,” with us in the forums! Each second of your creation was truly more captivating than the last. :star_struck:

How long did it take to finish this project in its entirety? :smile:

Greetings @snayyss !

From what I could tell, STR3AM presents as a dark, beautiful dive into the animalistic mind - the reptilian brain. The reptilian brain is responsible for controlling our basic needs for survival such as the heart rate, breathing, body temperature, and balance. STR3AM is the embodiment of this. Through the reptilian brain, we can enter other realities and explore limitless wonders that exist beyond our understanding.

The still black and gold screenshot is a wondrous sight to behold! It looks like a tribal mask used to ceremoniously channel the primal energy that makes us human.

I was able to get to the 1:18 minute mark before I was unable to continue. Unfortunately, I suffer from photosensitivity. Might I suggest a warning at the beginning of the video? While my photosensitivity triggers nausea and headaches, others may experience epileptic seizures. (Just a suggestion to consider.)

Dancing to the vibrations of the music takes the mind on a psychedelic waltz with Toadstool. It awakens the Annunaki blood within my veins. LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Did you create the concept and direction of the video or did the artist? In the video, does the artist channel any other creatures than the reptile? Pertaining to your description, what part of the human mind extends into the metaverse? What state of mind should a human be in before watching your video and afterward?

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