Stowaway: Blueprint-Based Horror Game

Thank you for explaining a little of how you got started. Im in a similar boat (scuse the pun) in that I am in a job that is very limiting and dare is say it tedious. I want to flex my wings with game design but Have very little, if any, scripting knowledge. Me and my fellow colleagues want to make something special and im evangelising UE4 to them so time will tell. Thank you again and good luck I like the decision for the boat setting very smart. I shall follow your progress with interest.

All the best

It is so very powerful, and I am impressed with the variety and sheer realism people are creating with their projects in UE4, I have noticed working with a Lack of light, e.g Horror Games is much harder to obtain that true to life realism. I think that is why during the PT demo they light the hallway up perfectly to really sell their PBR shader. UE4 is entirely capable but when you lack directional lights due to light bleed/general brightness and the fact that 90% of light sources will be fake/internal it is hard to obtain that realistic light bouncing.

I do hope they release some tutorials soon explaining their light/rendering system a little more indepth, I feel as though theres something I’m just not quite understanding or could be improving with ease.

Your welcome dude and aha :wink: Tastefully done with that pun. You sound similar to me with your unscratchable itch to do everything and be involved everywhere. The Blueprint system is designed so as long as you understand computer logic you can code, you don’t need to understand syntax or coding terms, you just have to imagine your explaining to a child what to do. Be sure to watch some of the tutorials by Zak Parrish on the YouTube they will help you without a doubt, they are the reason I learnt to do what im doing.

Best of luck though to you both :slight_smile:

In regards to the game though,

We have just released our new site and started adding content, we are still playing around with formats and presentation but hopefully we can use it as a place to provide feedback and build a community who would be interested in our title.

So this week I posted an update to the blog about the things we achieved and some comparison shots and a small bit of history and progression for Stowaway as a Project.

Click the link or the picture to head there,
If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment on the related post,
It is directly sent to our emails so we will be replying FAR more regularly on the website, as its so hard to update 4/5 different threads/websites and copying the same thing everywhere.

So please show us some support if you can, a comment always helps, we will be setting up other pages to provide more information on how to get your own copy or access to the alpha/beta.

Thanks again


Another update to the Blog guys,

This week it was a Vertex Shader.

Its quite a big one too, we show some clean comparisons and before and afters as well as a shot of the shader for you guys to breakdown and analyse.

If your interested just click the image above and it will take you straight to the post.
If you have any questions leave a comment on the post and we will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for reading!

Hey guys,
Another blog update this week showing off a few new screenshots of the scenes we have built and a bit of info about the changes we’ve made.
Would you guys be interested in a video demonstrating some of the gameplay functionality, controls and mechanics?

We are currently low on content because it will only risk to spoil the demo experience, so we can only share small bits.


Any feedback on what you guys would like to see or what would grab your interest would really help.

If your interested in participating in the early demo/alpha then go the website and sign up.
Here is a link to the sign up page.

Hey guys, thought I’d share with you some more gameplay orientated screenshots now that the experience is a lot smoother and more playable.

Hopefully this will give you a better sense of how the game will play and the sort of quality to expect.

Please understand this is PRE-ALPHA footage so its not representative of the final product. This is just a small slice of some of the techniques we are capable of implementing under the limited time frame we had, balancing them all to create a visually diverse vessel to explore; while keeping the gameplay elements smooth and controllable.

Hey! Looking good so far! Can’t wait to try it out. Any idea of when the demo will be released? Also, what hardware are you running the game on? How much FPS? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks Kold, glad to see your continued support,
The demo will be out in the next couple of weeks for the Halloween season, currently getting 30FPS solid on a
GTX 480
i5 2550k
8GB Ram

This PC is dying though, the CPU stops spinning so its not a great judge, however we have a few issues with the amount of lighting and blueprint code, but with a few tweaks and research we can improve that FPS,
But if im honest it runs quite well considering my dated setup, not even BF4 gets to run on Ultra smoothly,
However i have noticed no matter the resolution the FPS is unaffected, its very strange.

Also new blog post update,
Discussing one of our more unique mechanics
The PoD
Portable Observation Device

Got your email about the alpha! Downloading it right now. :smiley: Everyone, back their Kickstarter! Can’t wait to try it out. :smiley:

Hey Kam,
Glad to see all the info is coming through correctly, and glad to hear your excited to play,
Thank you so much for showing your support it is TRULY appreciated!

Hope you enjoy playing and have a great Halloween :slight_smile: