Storytelling looking for development team

I am a storytelling person. I am very creative but when comes to put the work down in practice, I struggle. To develop a game is necessary a team. There is someone to tell the story (me), someone for the design, someone for the music, someone for coding, someone to shape 3D objects, and more. It is very difficult to find dedicate people who likes to develop games for free. I have a story on my mind called BLUE FILE. It will require people with skills since the level of the project is OPEN WORLD. However, I need a good team to try to develop the game. There is anyone interested? If so look for GABE784.

If you want to get into game development, especially the indie or free game scene, you need some core game development skills. You would surprised how good some artists even programmers are at being creative writers.

They are so good that I can see how many games like Tomb Raider 2013, Castlevania, Hitman, and others has been developed, and discern by Unreal Engine “Ironically”. The only game somehow similar to those other games is Remember Me. However, I know to do it. It takes hours for me since I work in slow piece. I learned in high school how to use some of the programs offered by Autodesk. I can tell it is boring when you have to do each line.