StoryGraph quest and dialog editor for unreal engine

I am create plugin which allows to create quests and dialogs in node base graph interface.

Github link: GitHub - Deema35/StoryGraph: Quest and dialog editor for UnrealEngine.

Demo game:

This demo was created using this plugin.

w , a , s, d -move;
f - switch view;
e - use;
i - inventory;
j - journal;


This is pretty cool!

Круто , очень круто)
Осталось только разобраться)

That looks tremendous!
Will you make a guide / tutorial in english on how to use it?

(I can auto-translate from Создание редактора квестов и диалогов для Unreal engine: Часть 1 описание плагина / Habr but a lot gets lost in translation).

I will create tutorial there Home · Deema35/StoryGraph Wiki · GitHub but slowly.

could anyone make small youtube video to see how is it ? thanks btw for sharing such awesome work .

really cool

Plugin had to update, add save load function. Press ( - save, ] - load).

very neat, please update when translated to english!


Nice graphs. But :/…
Compile of the plugin’s Runtime and Editor binaries is failed on MacOS:

Im not expert but only 3 different type of that errors like ‘enum class’ etc. If you help me then I can to fix that 4 files sources (7 errors) and i will request commit to your repo with changes ‘Add iOS and MacOS support’.

Full log is HERE

I have fixed this bugs. But can you chack this. Because I work on windows and I do not have those bugs.

On macos compile successful. I’ve sent pull request with binaries who doesn’t have dev.acc./xcode on mac.
Tested on 4.15 Preview 4 as well.

Update: Add export to XML file and import from XML file.

Hey - Bit of a Question does this work with Unreal 4.15?

It will work with UE 4.15, but you must recompile project for this version.