Storyboard Tool

Pending Epic approval, I am proud to announce the release of my Storyboarding editor utility widget. It is my first major release of an ecosystem of tools designed for film production, both virtual and traditional that I have been working on for the past two years.


The storyboard tool is an editor utility widget and set of cameras that greatly expand the default screenshot capture capabilities of the engine. It is based off a traditional storyboard and allows a user to organize a set of cameras with associated preview screenshots, adjust commonly used camera settings in a streamlined way, generate multiple image types from the same camera, and create 2d camera plots.

Overview: ThirdParty/VirtualProductionTools/StoryboardTool/DemoMap/VP_StoryboardToolDemoMap

Demo: Storyboard Tool Demo Video - YouTube

Tutorial: Storyboard Tool Tutorial - YouTube

**Features: **

  • A simplified camera editing UI: Show all the cameras in a scene in one place, add new ones, organize them into boards with previews
  • Multiple image format exports: Create depth, clown, line drawing and white model images easily from the same camera.
  • A lens/filmback dropdown linked to a CSV for more in depth camera matching control
  • 3d Camera frustums
  • 2d Camera Plots
  • 360 sphere capture camera: to take images that can be sent to a tablet or phone for low tech on-location scouting.
  • Hidden Objects: The cameras can keep track of the objects that were hidden when the screenshot was taken and hide them again at the click of a button.
  • A tool to calculate camera values for anamporphic lenses: ThirdParty/VirtualProductionTools/StoryboardingTool/VPUISubWidget_Camera_AnamorphicLensCalculator
  • C++ code to lock/unlock a camera using blueprints