Story Line

I’m looking for a story line that centers on a fantasy based RPG LOTR style game. The story length should be around 250 to as big as you want to make it. payment can be negotiable, but not likely, as this game will take a long time to build and sell. But you will get a place in the credits and a copy of the game. My email is

250 Pages? or 250 something else?

Please be more vague. it makes our jobs easier … -_- …

It can be of what ever length the writer wants. I’m sorry. XD Okay, the setting is mythical which different races, probably humans, dwarves, and elves. The world is ancient and a great evil has been woken. No one knows when where or how. It appeared in an ancient forest and is slowly destroying the civilization. The hero is charged to the protector to attempt to destroy the enemy(The king’s line has been extinct for many generations, and the protector’s line is that of the chief noble they have never declared themselves king as they hope a descendant will be found). As the hero progress he will learn that the evil has risen before, but this time the king’s line if gone and they can’t stop it like last time. He will also come across an ancient prophesy that states the evil can only be defeated by the ruling family(The old kings family which is now dead). The hero still decides to try and stop the evil, and he will discover that the prophesy is false. It was the protectors family that started it. The hero will then need to destroy the evil and the protector’s family. He will confront the evil and finds that he can’t hurt it and flees. He will then be directed (in a dream) to confront the protector. When he defeats the protector he will find a hidden sword that is an heirloom the of old kings family. He will take the sword and return and defeat the evil. But as the evil is appearing to die(The evil can only be truly killed when the world is no longer evil) it says that the hero will die by his hands. Thus this story will end with a way to bring back the old evil and laying the foundation for the next game, were the new king (the hero) will be killed by the returning evil. At this point his son will set out to kill the evil in his turn. The son will be the character that will stay for all the other adventures. And if anyone is interested they can twist this any way they want. If anyone has any other questions or wants anything clarified feel free to ask.

Thank you guys for the possible interest shown!