[STORY] Here is some back story i wrote for my UE4 project

This is the backstory to my UE4 game project, let me know what you think any feed back positive or negative! :slight_smile:

Vastitate Hostili - Father of existence

Vita - Vastitates kindred soul

Vastitate’s kindred soul Vita who was to spend existence by his side, was a curious soul. Swayed by stories told of the unknown, what we know as emotions and feelings, these things were of wonder to her ears.

One fateful night Vastitate gave Vita a choice, a choice of life, believing whole heartedly that she would choose existence by his side over the unknown, she chose life itself.

Vastitate was broken and faded out of existence while his kindred soul lived what we know as life, unfortunately her soul was tainted by Vastitate when she chose life.

When she died her tainted soul was spread across the world, giving birth to 5 new races each one based on the emotions she felt in life along with a part of her everlasting love for Vastitate.

There were the ‚ÄúTimidai‚ÄĚ which were driven by suprise/fear of the other races and mainly kept to themselves.

The ‚ÄúVendati/Vendation‚ÄĚ who were comprised mainly of anger/hatred and were agressive towards the other races, sometimes even themselves.

The ‚ÄúTamaye‚ÄĚ which embraced the love/joy Vita felt towards Vastitate, and tended towards nature energy.

The ‚ÄúVerekund‚ÄĚ , filled with Vita‚Äôs shame/despair.

And finally the ‚ÄúAmalon‚ÄĚ who envied those who were happy but at the same time disgusted by their happyness.

Once a millenia a male and female of 2 differing races would find their kindred soul in each other, mate and give birth to a ‚Äúhybrid‚ÄĚ who was comprised of both races emotions and innate abilities. The ‚ÄúVendati‚ÄĚ (anger/hatred) have hunted these hybrid‚Äôs since the beggining of time, making them scarce and an extremely rare encounter.

20 years ago a child of prophecy was born (Deus), comprised of all the emotions and abilites from each of the races.
This child grew confused, lost , alone, an outcast from the rest of the world - one races emotions grew stronger than the rest HATRED.


Quick showcase of project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SojT…ature=youtu.be

Friendly AI test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ0Q…ature=youtu.be

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