Story Game

Hello there, I have 16 years old, yeahh, I know is to early but I should try for a team and a game :slight_smile:

From these days I had some dreams, and this should be a pontential for a game, that game is “who I am?”, I have enought skills for level design, story writer, some ue4 knowledge to put together the assets, and I will search for some voice actors later.

The game will be 20-30 euro, depends on complexity of the game. Your cut from that formule
x - x*1/20 = y,
x= game price, Y is the price - ue4 cut(I heard it want 5%),
and your cut will be y / n = your cut | n= team developers

anyway that cut depend very much about how did you work.

For skype and things please leave here a comm and I will contact you.

By the way please dont make fun of me, becouse I’m under 18 and I try to do something from now.

My skype: michal.dufek2 - contact me

Hi I am also 16. Write me a Mail

somebody else?