Storm United a futuristic FPS

I’m happy to show you a game I’ve been working on for a while now: Storm United a futuristic class based FPS combined with a social game.

We initially Used Unity3D to make it and have decided to transition the project to UE4 around April.
Things went quite smooth till now and I have to say I’m totally in love with this engine.

UE4 is missing only a few things to make it perfect for us like a better skinned mesh import (build scale and retargeting) but overall the switch has been absolutely positive and more pleasant than ever!

Edit : added matinee video:


We’ve written a little about the technical aspects of the video here:

Edit : removed other video
Epic please allow more than one videos per post.
The other video can be seen bellow.







More about the game and development collaboration are available on our new website:

We have spend a great deal of work on the weapon controller, its fully physically and procedurally animated and has been designed to provide more sensations to the player. Unfortunately you won’t see it just yet, but rest assured, the first video will be published soon here and if you don’t want to miss it you can follow us on facebook there:

Please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think about the game, good and bad, I’d appreciate it ^^

This looks great! Good work!

I’m curious to hear, what are some of your plans to make it a “social game”?

On that note, have you looked into the Radiant UI plugin? It allows you to put webpages, even with mouse and keyboard input, on materials in UE4. Could be awesome for social features

This looks really great!

Thanks guys,

We’ll have what we call the ‘Clanmap’ , its the area where players first land when they start the game. You can chat with your clan, mine for resources, perform research for technology and build infrastructure to manufacture weapons to be used in the FPS. (some of our Unity prototype pictures are on the clanmap description page here ; )

Regarding Radiant UI, thanks for the advice, we will likely licence Coherent UI which is in essence the same :slight_smile:

The screenshots look pretty cool and the ‘social game’-feature sounds kinda fun :slight_smile:
Make sure to keep us updated!

Lookin sexy! Look forward to seeing some gameplay.

Great job so far bigzer! I am very excited to see how this turns out as you progress along with your development. Be sure to keep us posted. Keep up the great work!

This looks absolutely fantastic so far! Sub’ed!

Thank you guys for the nice comments :slight_smile:

I’ll happily keep updating this post with news and progress.

Here’s the first video I just recorded from one of our maps:

I’ll post some gameplay videos when our HUD is completed, there’s some really cool stuff incoming ^^.

Very Cool!

Following’s epic invitation to play with matinee we did our homework :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It has been recorded with untouched characters from our game besides the added knife.

We’ve written a little about the technical aspects of the video here:

I hope you like it!

We’re almost done with our first vehicle, here’s some gameplay footage of the Strider, a 4x4 buggy.

We’re now adding the particle effects, then we’ll add support for multiple players as well as a customisable weapon turret in the back.

If you want to follow or participate in the development you can have a look at this forum post: .

Don’t hesitate to drop comments or ideas we’re very receptive.