Storm Studios Job Openings for CG Artists


Hi all,

my name it Martin Andersson and I am the Project Manager and Asset Lead on a real time TV project Storm Studios is currently working on
together with The Future Group. (

Feel free to take a look at our previous work here:

We are currently looking for experienced Unreal artists to join our team.
Storm Studios is Norway’s largest supplier of VFX for films and commercials and now we are diving into the realms of the Unreal Engine and real time graphics.
If you match our requirements at the bottom of this post, please send me your reel and resume to You must be able to relocate
to Oslo, Norway.

Project Title:

A Merge of TV, gaming and Products. You can play against contestants in the Studio or battle your friends and family.


  • Massive Environments
  • Extreme asset detail
  • Creatures
  • Puzzle
  • Action

Our vast worlds will include several different games within the worlds.
We are required to build game areas for all these different games and asset work
massive. We are talking thousands of assets.

Team Name:
Storm Studios

Team Structure:
Martin Andersson - Project Manager/Asset Lead
Team will vary in size between 7-15 with both technical artists and look development artists

Previous Work:
First Unreal Project.

Talent Required:
3D Artist (4)

We need about four 3d artists. Experience in Unreal Engine is required.
Our team already consists of experienced CG artists, we are looking for
artists to add skills to our Unreal portion of our pipeline.
We use Maya, Zbrush, Substance, PS, but send your reel even if you don
use the same set of tools. We are interested in the talent and skill and artists
should not be locked down to single tools anyways.