Storing Textures and Meshes in Structs

Hello !

It seems to have a bug in the Structure Editor, where we cannot set specific kind of variables in the Default Values editor. All my variables are editable in this Default Values windows, except for Textures2D and StaticMesh.

However, in blueprint I can “Make” my Struct and it will allows properly to modify those values.


Is it a bug, or is it intended?

You can’t assign default values for certain types of variables in the Structure editor screen. You can do it in blueprints though: if you create a variable (even an array) of that struct, you’ll be able to set the default values for the texture and mesh.

Thank you, it’s a workaround but it doesn’t really work as intended…
With your solution I cannot implement the struct as a variable in several different blueprints, because it doesn’t spread to all blueprint implementing this struct. I will have to set manually the default values in each of those blueprints.

Lots of improvements and fixes were made with Structures with 4.4.X, it would be nice to be able to set any default variable in structs and not being restricted by variable types !