Storing spawned actors in array and destroying INDIVIDUAL actors when overlapping w/object

I’m currently spawning 5 Zombie Actors into my level that are moving to a specific location on the map. The goal is to destroy each individual zombie when they arrive to their predetermined destination. After all 5 zombie actors are destroyed, I want to start WAVE 2, which spawns double the amount of zombies (and the same process repeats)
The issues I am having are:

  1. Storing my individual Zombie actors in an array / variable that I can reference
  2. Destroying each individual zombie actor
  3. Checking “If 5 actors are destroyed → Start Wave 2”
    4)Also… wondering If I need a separate blueprint per wave or if I can just use one blueprint and double the variable for zombie spawn per wave.

Thanks for the help, and i’m looking forward to reading everyone’s suggestions. Reference images below: