Storing material instance settings with levels?


Is there a way to store, ‘different settings’ of the same ‘material instance’ along with separate levels ?

Like in night level that material instance stores and opens up with different setting and in day level, it has different settings; instead of having a separate instance for each level.


Anyone with thoughts?

I should mention that I’m looking at things from a ‘video production’ point of view not for a game project.

Thanks for the link, it doesn’t seem much easier than just making copies of the material instances with different settings for different levels (scenes for my film).

Also not sure if saving and loading settings is an option in the Parameter collections?

You’ll probably need to drive things with Blueprint. Using Material Parameter Collections in conjunction with Blueprint would be really powerful here. If you could give examples of how your materials are set up and what exactly you are trying to do, it would be helpful as well. Here’s my thoughts:

Have one Blueprint that controls the material parameter collection that is referenced by your materials. Put one of these blueprints in each level, and set the material parameter values on a per instance basis. Then whenever you switch between levels, this blueprint drives all the materials within that specific level.

Real world example: An emissive light material that you want on in daytime levels and off in night time levels. Have your light material multiply by a scalar parameter in a material parameter collection called Brightness. In your day level, add the blueprint, and set brightness to 0 (turning off the light power), and in your night time level, add the blueprint and set brightness to 10, so show some emissive lights.

I know essentially what you are trying to do, because I’ve done it myself for video projects, and using MPC with Blueprint will definitely help you get there, though it may require some work to setup.

As a bonus, MPC can be animated in Sequencer.

Thanks @VaSSiLi . That does sound like what I want. Oh Blueprints… gandalf don’t want to go there… :stuck_out_tongue: