Storing MarketPlace Content

I am retired now and looking to do gamedev full time (within reason:))… Over the years I have bought and downloaded a LOT of Unreal Marketplace assets.

For a lot of the assets I may have purchased for only 1-2 items in the asset. The rest is there if I ever need it.

The problem is I have so many finding the items in the Unreal Marketplace is a daunting task when you have an idea to prototype.

How do people store their content? I have considered making a UE Project, and adding the assets into that project under folders like Weapons>Modern, Weapons>Medieval, Environment>Foilage>winter, ect. Or even FPS, RPG assets.

I realize the Marketplace has categories, but a single asset may contain different categories.

Anyone have suggestions on a practice that has worked for them? Granted some assets I buy outside of the marketplace will have another place to store the assets so I can make sure i do not violate agreements.

There is now way, basically :slight_smile:

I once spent a long time moving all my sounds under one folder, it took about 2 hours to move them, not worth it.

But… There is something I’ve found useful. Keep one main project with all your assets in, and develop stuff in new, empty projects. Keep both open, but only migrate what you need across.

That way, you keep the dev environment pretty tight.

That is what I am basically starting to do. Adding to project from marketplace adds the maps/levels and stuff I do not need.

So I am going the route of the plank project and using collections to categorize the items from different content together.

Best option I can find for now as well.

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