Storing local data + storage permission

Hey guys!

Getting closer to finish the project, I have some things to manage with permissions and storaging of local data. As I know there is UE4Game folder that is created by default for storage everything on Android. I’m pretty sure this is making an application ask for permission to access photos, media and files which is quite unwanted and doesn’t look good.

Is there a way to store my local savedata to somewhere else like internal store (…l-access-files). It looks like a good method that doesn’t need permission for saving data. Also after uninstalling the application it should be automaticly deleted too. Not like UE4Game folder which stay in storage of device until user delete it on his owm.

I’ve also tried to get rid of ask for storage permission(photos, media and files) for our app. Tried everything from disabling “Use ExternalFilesDir for UE4Game files”, changing manifest.xml file, adding special ManifestRequirementsOverride.txt for overwriting permissions. But with no luck. Tried on NDK api 21 and 24.

Thanks in advance for response.

I encountered the same problem as well. I tested all the modules and plugins and even removed all the extra permission request, but none of the solutions worked. It would be super nice if someone can share some hints regarding this issue. Thanks a lot.

setup ON
UseExternalFilesDir for UE games Files (in Android section)