Storing levels in the cloud?

I have UE4 installed on my work PC, my home PC and my home laptop. I haven’t played around with UE4 much, yet, so forgive my obvious ignorance, but in UDK I could store my .UPK and .UDK files in dropbox and just copy/paste them from the various dropbox folders into the /Content/ folder to carry on working across all 3 machines.

Where does UE4 store it’s files, so I can do the same here, please?


Uhhh, in the project folder that is created when you create a new project? The default path for project folders is in Documents/Unreal Projects/ and then in your project folder you will find the Content folder you’re searching for.

It’s actually pretty easy for UE4, each project has its own folder in Documents/Unreal Projects/
Just find your project folder there and add it to dropbox.

Is it possible to change the directory for the Unreal Projects? I don’t want them all clogging up my C: drive. If Epic haven’t implemented this, that’s rather a let down…

When you download something you can change where it gets saved, I can’t remember whether it asks you or not where you want to save when you create a new project or whether you can change the location after it saves.

Hey Paddington -

You can move a project’s directory from one drive to another without any corruption as long as you are moving the entire project folder and not renaming anything in windows explorer. (You can rename files, but I recommend doing so from the Editor to avoid errors in broken links.) If you are creating a new project, You can also tell Unreal to save the project where ever you wish as long as you click on the arrow icon to toggle display of the full path and file creation preview.5cbea77781250b6e1b005ab86a4803e1e0a03d32.jpeg

Hope that helps -
Eric Ketchum

Thanks people. I was looking for it in the actual installation folders:

C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.1\Engine\Content

Didn’t realise they were being stored elsewhere. That is quite neat. So, I wonder if I could run them directly from Dropbox? Then I wouldn’t have to worry about copying everything back and forth.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Yeah, with dropbox you could load that single folder for your project and keep it updated.