Storing Large Amounts of Data

I’d suggest an XLS file, they are extremely simple and can keep data organized by the method you’re talking about, while staying on a very low file size. A million data points will be something like 300 kb in size. Like a standard excel file that is. Should work fine in UE4, would be very surprised if it didn’t since xls works on basically everything :slight_smile:

What is currently the go to method for storing large amounts of data? Something that can support numerous rows and columns being updated frequently.

I’m not familiar with storing large amounts of data like this in unreal and not sure where to look. An example of what I’m suggesting would be a stock market. Numerous columns (Date, Symbol, Low, High, Open, Close, Volume, Adj. Close), and potentially hundreds of rows.

Thanks for your suggestion. Don’t know why I hadn’t considered that to be honest. How easy is it to update XLS files from within UE4? This would need to be done very frequently. Currently looking into this now but would appreciate your input

You could store your data in a SaveGame.

Have you thought about a Data Strut?