Storing Information - Database equivalent (?)

Hey Guys,

I have a question concerning storing information in Unreal Engine 4.

Basically I want to enter things like names, mission parameters, item information etc. into my project so it can be referenced while playing.

As a web-developer I am familiar with databases and arrays of information. Somehow i can not seem to find a solution in UE4 for storing table-like data which i can later read from or wrote to in the game?

Any help is much appreciated.

Hey there you can use the savegame instance to save data in blueprints and c++. You can save all kinds of variables in .sav files that your game can read and write but i’m also still kinda trying to figure out the whole database thing iN UE4.
i dont think its possible to read data from a server in blueprints but there are ways of doing it in C++
Check this out: How can I load text from file with blueprint? - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums
that is a good starting point.

Thanks for your answer. After searching a bit more i also found this, where you can import data from excel:

Although I was hoping for a non-C++ solution, i guess when it comes to these kinds of things you just have to generate your own code and functions.

Why dont u just use a simple data table blueprint?