Storing Array in Widget Blueprint Problem


I am Creating a Inventory and Everything was going well but i have encountered this problem… Whenever i pickup my item i give a call to my Inventory Widget Blueprint To Send the info over to it. now After the widget blueprint receives the info it adds the item info to a Inventory Items Array. however it keeps adding it to Index 0 for some reason or i think it doesnt even add it (i will check if it does.). However the Item info IS being received since i have tried picking up two different items with different names ofcourse and and Printed the string and its doing it correctly however the index stays at zero when i print it.

[BTW i do know it wont show us that it added it in the Default Value. im Just Printing the index after adding and the index stays at zero after adding two values in the same game session]

Here’s what im doing to add items.

Widgets may not be perfect for storing data, they are made for showing data not for storing and for inventory best place to store items is in actor component dedicated to inventory codes

Alright I guess. As for Actor component I’ll just store the inventory items array in my Player BP and save them :slight_smile: