Storing a material for later use.

Hey :slight_smile:

I want to make a system, such that when the mouse cursor hovers over an object, it shows that object with an already selected material. Then if i left click i apply the material, and if i don’t and move the mouse away, it reverts back to the previous material.
I have it all set up, and wokring. However i can’t seem to find a way to keep the prevoius material stored. If i use a “Get material” node and store this an a variable, the created variable is a “Material Interface Reference”. If i then “Set material” using the saved material, nothing happens, like nothing is referenced. (Rest of the BP behaves as wanted, as this has been tested otherwise, so when the mouse leaves the object, it runs through as it should).
I have also tried to apply the material to a non-visible duplicate object, to later use the material from here as a the reference, but without success.

Why cant i save the material of the component as a “Material Instance” or something else, or what sohuld i do to be able to “save” a material.

Ty in advance :slight_smile: