Stories for devs

Look here I got several great story ideas including country takeovers (African countries) by ex sf soldiers that would be very believable I’m not a developer I don’t code, I don’t do graphics , I do stories based on real world past and current situations that I believe (I’m a huge gamer long time back to kommander keen , heroes of might and magic, doom, rainbow six original, rogue spear, delta force series, call of duty original and throughout) every game series basically. I have tons of experience in writing and story based real world knowledge. My family has a air force sf, uncle is retired captain in navy and many family down the line highly decorated and along with that I’m a huge a history buff along with my partner. Anybody interested for that next hit story to develop around please contact me here and let’s do this . Let’s change our lives enough of this miserable ■■■■ leading g to nothing let’s do what we do best and enjoy.

So what you’re saying is you’re just selling an idea. I’m sure people will jump on board with this, but my advice is to learn how to do something. If I was you, probably 3D modeling and texturing, maybe even animation too, just to give a load off your team. If it’s just one person calling the shots and that one person does literally nothing except story writing (unless it’s a big studio) you’re probably going to be seen as toxic. I get story writing is a full time job, but yikes, pick up some of the work too.

Nope completely wrong I’m not selling anything I have a full time job “selling” I have a body with no interest in financial gain and that’s the difference we don’t want money we want to be heard that’s all.

Buddy sorry not body

We have no interest other than telling stories and seeing them coming to fruition that’s all this is nothing to do with money or profit it’s only based someone with the skills or team but needs that idea that story that is all. 100% no bs just want to create a story that people will be like woah thats real ■■■■. I don’t need your money anybodies money we have dreams of true 90s early 2000s stories that we remember for life.

So what you’re saying is you’re just giving people the plot lines? Well that’s fine. Inthought you were making a studio or group of sorts.

Just working with a group that need.writer/plot lines in that atmosphere of worlds