Store Z velocity at all times eg. walking

Hey guys,

I’m a Blueprint user but I am running into an issue that stems from the fact that Walking mode only stores XY velocity and zeros out Z. When transitioning from Walking to Falling or Falling to Walking any Z velocity I have is being cannibalized, which causes me to stick to the ground. This video below shows what I mean.

If I try flying up or against a walkable surface, just grazing the surface causes my Z velocity to zero out, effectively negating all thrust and causes me to get stuck.

There are 7 instances in CharacterMovement.cpp where they set Velocity.Z = 0.0f and I was wondering if it was as simple as commenting these out?

Or is there something I am not considering, again, I am not a programmer

This video here shows another issue caused by zeroing out Z velocity. When going up a slope or ramp at high speed you would expect to launch off it, but because there is no Z velocity in walking the results are like blue balls, not once do I catch air