Store on SSD or HDD

I got a new computer today but am not sure where to store my different files. The 3 things I need that I’m not sure where to store are UE4, 3DS Max, and Visual Studio. My Main questions are 1) Should I keep the actual software like 3DS Max and UE4 on the SSD or HDD. 2) Where should I store my projects for each of software. 3) Where should I keep all my other files (e.g. photos, videos, etc.).

I keep UE4 and my project files on my SSD, everything else is on my HDD. But to tell you the truth I haven’t really noticed the difference in UE4’s performance since I switched to SSD, I just do it because I’ve heard SSD’s don’t crash as much.

For maximum performance use the SSD for everything but big media files and backups. But if space is running low, put the project files on the HDD.

I’m don’t think the difference is significant, but both can crash on you on a bad day. Alwas keep a recent backup on a secondary drive (preferably off site).