store multi use value

i added two entries on the radial menu of a structure. to resize it. bigger and smaller.
now it seems, like the value is not stored when the game is restarted.
how can i store that variable?
do i need a “on game end” event or something?
my graph is based on the “StorageBox_Small_BlueprintUseTest” example.

Under the options for the variable you want to save is a check box called SaveGame. This will save that variable to be recalled after restart.
After you do that you will want to open the event graph and create an event node for OnBeginPlay. Run your variable through a switch and have
each variable resize the item to what you want. That way it actually changes the size right after the server loads. ADK is updating so the exact
name of that event node might be something else.

That’s it!
This works great, thank you hogscraper!!