Storage system

Hi everybody!
I’m working on a survival game since few month and now i’m working on the storage system, he work perfectly but i’m not able to save it…
I use this tutorial for buiding the storage:
Somebody can help me?
Thanks and sorry for my english i’m french… ^^

Nobody have an answer? :frowning:

I think you will need to describe your problem more thoroughly before anyone can help - you didn’t actually ask a question. I don’t know what is meant by “I’m not able to save it”. Save what?

Please post a more specific question as well as screenshots of your event graph where you are having an issue.

Save “it”. Are you talking about the items you put in your storage in game?
You will need to provide us with more information.

Yes it’s that i try to save the items i put in my storage but for the moment that doesn’t work… i took some print screen of how i move my item from my inventory to my storage to share with you.

And that’s it’s how i save my inventory

And my saving system in the bp chest: