Stopwatch are going crazy

few weeks ago I asked about how to make stopwatch. One good guy (TriNityGER) did helped me.
But I recently find out, that they are going crazy.
For example: 0:59:.85 and when is going to change to 1 minute it does this: 1:61:.35
It’s 1:99:54 and few second later…: 1:00:.34
I did check my blueprint few times, but I didn’t still find out where is a mistake.
Help needed.

There is a built-in node called TimeSecondsToString that you could simply use on your elapsed time. It does the string formatting for you.

As above, there’s no need for any mental gymnastics here:

You also get a *free *TimeUp event when you run out of time, you don’t need to use it, though.