Stopping Vehicles Switching Pawns

Mixed the third person template with the vehicle template so you can switch between character pawn and vehicle pawn. However upon exiting the car in motion, the car will not stop unless it hits something. I tried setting throttle to 0 and turning all the settings to 0 but they didn’t work. There seems to be no simple set speed for vehicle?

Plus even in third person mode if the character walk into the vehicle, they can push it around which is undesirable.

How can you disable vehicle movement completely on the car when it is not being possessed and slow down the speed when exiting so it comes to a gradual stop?

So it seemed like using handbreak with a delay stops the car. I have delayed for 1 second which works at low speed, but if vehicle has high speed then 1 second is not enough time to stop the vehicle moving. So I want to be able to measure the speed of vehicle so the delay of handbreak continues until speed = 0.

I tried flow controls it worked worse than when there was a delay because they seem to want to end before speed = 0 all the time. I used print string to check speed and instead of slowing down to 0 like the delay did it completely ignores and actually increases the speed. On top of it the loops end when speed never = 0. It’s so confusing when these blueprints don’t follow the logic in my mind lol.

Noticed there is a stop movement immediately node which would be useful too but couldn’t get it to work. Any ideas?

So this works halfway but i need to set delay until speed =0

Ok I found a messy workaround again. Since the issue occurs when the player character was possessed, I tried to turn on handbreak if character leaves the overlap trigger (used to enter vehicle). Turns out this works and the car comes to gradual stop!

Now only issue is if the car was going at high speed it still takes a while for the handbreak to come into effect. It would be nice to have faster stop. The character can still push around the vehicle too. And I noticed the front wheels always spin super crazy even when I have handbreaks on with car stopped.