Stopping PIE generates ensure condition failure


when I press stop on PIE execution breaks on Visual Studio and I get this message on the output

Ensure condition failed: NewObject->IsA(this->GeneratedClass)

inside TeardownPlaySession(…)

where NewObject is:

[ALevelScriptActor] = (Name=0x0000002b6a253748 “FirstMap_C”_1)

Editor doesn’t crash but I have to press 3 times continue on Visual Studio so it’s quite annoying.

This doesn’t happen if I wait the session to run for a minute or so.

Any ideas?

Done thanks. Even if I’m not sure it’s really a bug or an issue of my project

Maybe re categorize it to a bug-report? :slight_smile:

Hey Ferocildo,

Which version of the Editor are you working in? Also, could you please upload your crash from your project so that we can see the whole picture of what’s going on? Simply save the as a .txt file and upload it to your next reply.


Here it is.

It’s a Debug log as editor doesn’t crash and output any crash log (or am I missing something?)

Engine is 4.7.0-preview7

[link text][1]

40078-debuglog.txt (5.48 KB)

Hey Ferocildo,

The output are fine, as long as the error is showing. Are you able to reproduce this issue in 4.7.6? Also, what are the steps you’re taking to be able to reproduce this ‘ensure condition failed’ error?

Thank you!


Our project is locked on the version I told. I’ll try to switch on 4.7.6 as soon as I can to see if it reproduces.
Steps are:

Run project via Visual Studio “development editor” configuration.
Press Play on editor (no single process, listen server)
Press Stop on editor.

If I press Stop after a minute or so I don’t get any break

Is there any way to disable breaking execution on “ensure condition” checks?

Hi ferocildo,

I am currently building a version of the Engine from source code that should match the 4.7.0-Preview 7 build that you are using. Unfortunately it won’t be done in time for me to start trying to reproduce the issue that you are seeing today. I did have a couple questions for you, though.

  • Are you clicking Play, then immediately clicking Stop when you see this happening?
  • What is the Solution Configuration you are using in Visual Studio?

Hi ,

that’s happening if I click Stop within half a minute I press Play

Solution Configuration is “Development Editor”

I suppose this is happening because of some setting of the project I may have changed during development as it is related to the level I’m running

I just made a few attempts to reproduce the ensure that you are seeing. Unfortunately I was not able to trigger it. A few more questions:

  • Does this only occur in your project, or are you able to reproduce it in a new project as well? If it only happens in your project, is it only in a single level of that project?
  • Do you recall what template you used when you originally created this project?
  • If you change the Solution Configuration to Debug Editor, does the same ensure trigger?
  • Do you get a crash if you open the project directly in the Editor instead of using Visual Studio’s debugger?

We have three maps in the project right now. The first two maps are affected by the issue, they were created in the project and have several references to project C++ classes. It’s not immediate to test them in another project right now. The third has been imported from a package of the marketplace and gives no issues.

The template should be “basic C++”

Behaviour is the same for Debug Editor configuration.

Project loaded by Editor with no debugger attached does not cause crash (neither the issue we are talking about is a crash, just an execution break)

Going back to your original post, you mentioned that NewObject contains [ALevelScriptActor] = (Name=0x0000002b6a253748 "FirstMap_C"_1). I am curious to find out what is in this at that point.

this contains

[ULevelScriptBlueprint]	(Name=0x000000b5cc0bd0d0 "FirstMap")	


this->GeneratedClass = {Class=0x000000b5ccf16080 (Name=0x000000b5c9663dc0 "FirstMap_C") }

That is what I expected to find there, but hoped would be different. I have a couple more ideas I want to try here to try to reproduce this issue. However, I am not expecting them to provide any different results than I have been seeing so far. Would it be possible to get a copy of your project so I can test that and try to narrow down what is happening?

Unfortunately, being under NDA I can’t share the project. I will contact my client and ask if there’s a way.

Another option, which would unfortunately be a little time-consuming, would be to create a new test level and recreate one of your existing levels where this issue occurs. Repeating the PIE test frequently will allow you to see at what point the issue starts to occur, and that will reduce the number of possible causes of the issue.

Hi ferocildo,

We have not heard back from you for a few days. Are you still experiencing this issue? I will be marking this post as resolved for internal tracking purposes, but please feel free to add a comment with any new information you may have at any time to re-open this post.