Stopping physics objects from flying off platforms

Hey guys!

I’m having trouble with my crates and moving platforms! More Specifically, when I set my physics-enabled crate down on my rotating platform and then rotate it, the crate doesn’t stick to the platform like I do… it seems to not “stick” at all, and just stays there for a sec, and then of course falls.

Is this fixable somehow?


That can be serious problem if Epic or Nvidya did not implemented friction on rotating objects.
If you could make short movie of that behavior and some pictures of your setup. That could help.

I’ll try to get a recording soon!

Know little about your set-up, are you working from a template or video?
What I mean is, are you sure this isn’t the expected behavior?

Using UDK as a comparison which isn’t UE4 obviously… But in UDK at least…
Placing physics objects on a moving platform made them quiver and fall off.

Solution was to disable physics on contact with the platform or while it was in motion…
The downside is you can’t shoot or fire projectiles at the crates when the platform is moving.

(In UE4 can you ‘attach’ the crates to the platform like player attachments etc?)

I think I’ll have to do that. And I’m not too sure about the platform thing, either. I guess I have to play around a bit. :smiley:

BTW1: I’m seeing subtle but big differences between ticking Simulate Physics at design time and enabling the same via BP at runtime. Have you tested both options?
BTW2: In UDK, when crates took projectile / gunfire, I’d still check damage / hit events and re-enable physics so that the crates could fly off to keep some realism…