Stopping a sound in-game

Hi simple question. I want to play a song when the game starts (the menu screen is shown) then when I click on play on the menu, the song that was playing I want it to stop and to play another song after clicking play. what is the easiest way to do this?

I already know how to play songs with looping too so dont worry about that. just need to know how to stop a song

Anyone know the answer to this

I am also wondering about that. there is no BP node named stop sound

a couple ways to do this depending on your sound design. for test purposes, in your game mode, add an audio component. then, drag this audio component into your graph. drag the pin off of the audio component and note the various context specific options you’ll have including ‘set sound’, ‘play’ and ‘stop’. there are so other helpful function with this component as well like ‘is playing’ to help control your sound design.

so how to associate a sound with that audio component to perform those options on it?

if you select the audio component in the component list, note the details panel for this component. within that panel, you can assign a sound cue to the component. alternatively, if you place the component in your graph, you can drag out the pin and use the ‘set sound’ function to assign a sound cue.

yes. :smiley: that worked. thank you.