Stop Unwanted Flying Pawn Z-Axis Reorientation?

I just started a new Blueprints project with the Flying Pawn. I want the pawn to be able to do full loops. Instead, when flying and holding down “W” or up, it begins spiraling upward. Similarly, When flying downwards it begins spiraling downwards. This is because it is trying to reorient the Z axis to face up. I want to fly upwards, continually pressing up, and eventually be flying downwards.

I can’t for the life of me find what causes this to happen within the Flying Pawn Blueprint. If anyone knows why, please help.

Searching the web high and low I found a video that shows how to disable it. - YouTube

Basically remove set current roll speed.

I’m not going to remove it entirely because I’m either going to make it wait for there to be no input for a few seconds (thus allowing me to do a loop without roll correction) or have it activate on a button press.

YouTube video is no longer available.