Stop the unwanted friends requests in the Launcher!

Ever since the new 4.25.5 update, I get an unwanted friends request from the user “JGLEASY”. And it pops up again EVERY time I start the Launcher, even though I click “ignore” each time.

This really needs to be fixed. I am not even using the game library, I only use the Launcher for unreal engine. It’s really annoying to get these unwanted friend requests and I know other users are getting much more than me.

Epic please !

Every app like Fitbit, Steam, EA etc… They have this problem. I never had this happen in Epic but if they don’t have the ability to block friend requests then that would be a nice feature to have. I’m not using Epic to make friends, it’s for my own work.

To add to your request I’d say

  1. Add option to block all incoming friend requests
  2. Add option to block users from the dialog. Accept ] Ignore ] Block ]
  3. If the user is blocked it could prompt the user to report for a violation of TOS with a drop-down selection on why.
  4. Add option to hide profile from searches (Invisible profile) – This includes hiding the profile from the forums.

Again, I’m not sure if these features exist already but I think it would rectify the issues

I agree with every one of your points. The joke is, if I get a friend request I can already click on “ignore” but it does not block the person. Hence why I am getting requests from the same person AGAIN and AGAIN. Which is infuriating. :mad:

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…on Us…:smiley:

The real joke is we’re just talking to ourselves on here. There’s no resources and no one is listening at Epic.
It took 6-7 years just to get the ‘Wishlist’ feature added. As the interest / the will just isn’t there, not for this.
Epic operate like they’re a startup. The docs are awful, yet they still killed off the Wiki and all the links to it.
The Launcher is even lower priority than that. There’s no support staff and even less ‘Community Managers’.:wink:

Sadly I have to agree with you… :frowning:

I guess the only way to ever get change is to keep these discussions on the front page. Though I have little hope about this…

Hey folks,

I can appreciate your frustration about unwanted/unsolicited friend requests in the launcher, along with the added frustration of not feeling heard. There are ongoing conversations on how we can better update and support the community regarding feature requests/bug reports and general follow-ups. There are a couple of things in the works to make this possible- and we do appreciate your patience during this time. If you have any further feedback, we’re listening and would love to hear it!

As for the original topic- I understand this has been a repeated request/topic from the community. Though I should mention this isn’t specific to 4.26.4 or related to that update, it has been an ongoing issue for the community. I am following up with the team to shed some light on the subject and update you when a response has been had. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your continued support and interaction within the community!


Epic have been saying stuff like ^ this ^ for years (we’re having internal discussions / trying to convince stakeholders). I don’t know what any of that corporate-speak means at Epic. But I know what it means on here, and its that most devs have deserted the forums / answerhub. Where did they go? Discord, Reddit, Polycount, Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, Github and other channels. And even though the same devs still log-in, most don’t interact on here anymore.

That must be frustrating to aspiring devs coming over from the success of Fortnite and wondering WTH is everybody? Stakeholders at Epic made a very deliberate decision to let the wheels fall off the forums and answerhub back in 2017 (around the time Alex Paschall left). With the philosophy that the community was mature enough to support itself. Well, how did that work out then? Good, if mass desertion makes for a healthy community. Epic can keep giving more grants to youtubers and hiring more backroom staff to write walls of text. But how immediate is the impact of any of that…

Instead, why not follow through on some of the ideas here instead of meaningless AH mentions in Livestreams??? Offer real tangible benefits like marketplace credits or promotion on the epic game store or UDN access or something. And not just rewards for AH, but for the Forums also. Maybe create a FAQ for newbies too, so they know what questions they can ask of Epic, or what replies they can expect back, if any. It often seems like Epic are dumping Indies for Enterprise: The way the Wiki was retired was an embarrassment. Did Tim Sweeney or anyone at executive level even know about that??? :wink:


Unfortunately I have to agree with you, I do love the engine itself, along with the giveaways and the marketplace(although the marketplace is still lacking with features), but I’ve honestly been baffled by the direction taken with the forums/answerhub/bug report/launcher/linux/marketplace stuff. And I had wondered where everyone went, and it makes sense to me in a way that people would need to be hired to assist newcomers because most people who aren’t hired would be to busy doing their own thing to help. Umm it honestly seems like a giant elephant in the room for some reason…haha. We’d been waiting for a wishlist feature in the marketplace since about 2015, which is about 5-6 years… I’m also 100% positive you can even buy that feature in a cheap web template for building a website, so it is clear that the neglect was an intentional decision. Perhaps they had to decide to devote all the money to the giveaways or exclusivity deals or something? I don’t know but it doesn’t actually make sense to me… Maybe they decided to start investing more money to the neglected areas finally and that’s why we are now seeing the change? And perhaps we will see a lot of the changes we’d been waiting for in a short time in the near future?

I can tell you the reason for that: The sad truth is that Epic is now - funny enough just like Apple - nothing more than a billion-dollar megacorporation only interested in big profit margins. Hence why you’ll only really receive support if you are a paying for it.

Indie gamedevs just don’t make a big enough profit for Epic (although Epic loves using them for promoting the engine), and this is why we are still talking about the same, simple to fix problems we were talking about years ago.
From a corporate standpoint, this makes sense. Why invest into something if people use it in the current state anway? But when you consider Tim Sweeneys constant “moral highground” talk - it’s nothing but hypocritical.

If there ever was an ideal present like “supporting the indie gamedevs” or being a voice for the community, or even “being better than steam”, that ideal has long died.

It’s really simple, Epic has to please it’s shareholders (like Tencent), who really only care about money.
The people using the marketplace / the Launcher AND who are complaining about the bad design / missing features, etc. do not generate any meaningful profit for Epic. Furthermore, Epics target customers aren’t even using the Launcher / marketplace.

Hence why nothing is being invested into making it better. Epic has more than enough money to hire a big team of web developers to build a modern, well-designed marketplace / launcher. It’s just not important to them.

^ This ^…

We’re all here because we love Epic tech. But when you read Glassdoor reviews for Epic, or accounts of fortnite crunch in the media, its not happy reading. There’s a sense of entitlement at middle-management like: ‘I’ve got mine - now shut up and work harder slave’. That’s pretty sobering / grim.:mad: Especially as its at odds with the ethos of Epic, and it WILL have a toxic affect on the workplace long-term. So its worth having a backup option or learning another engine imo (Hint: Godot;)). Anyway, its not as if Epic tech is the ultimate anyway. There are talented devs on herewho already surpass techs at Epic. Also its worth noting, that feature requests like the Wishlist actually date back to 2014. And even now that’s not ready - not really (50 items max?). Why not offer 100’s, or no cap at all? :confused: ETA: 2027? :stuck_out_tongue:

This very much. I feel actually sorry for the talented unreal devs, they are the ones who keep the engine running, but still are treated so badly by the Epic management who ironically acts all holy in public…

Maybe they should start a crowdsourcing campaign to create their own engine based on Godot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Two years on, it’s still happening.