Stop the camera from moving through a mesh?

I have a camera set up to follow a third person character during play - similar to the third person template but the camera is at a different position (more like the last of us, or the trailed student project).

I have an issue which is probably fairly simple to fix, but I am not sure where any setting for it might exist in the editor. When my player is in a corner, or if I pan around in a certain part of the level, the camera can move through the wall, and outside the level (not the character, just the camera) - I’d like to stop the camera from moving through these static meshes, as it really takes away from the look and feel.


This is a problem that’s existed as long as first person 3d games, you just need to work out a way to move the camera into a valid position.

I know this, but is there a way to detect if I am about to hit a mesh? so that I can move the camera?

In blueprints if you have a camera spring or whatever it’s called you can add a collider capsule to the camera and if it collides with something then it will push the camera closer to the spring origin

Hey - thanks,

Do you know anywhere that there may be some documentation for this? or a video? I’ve been looking everywhere, can’t seem to find anything that has enough detail.

thanks again.

I’m pretty sure the third person template already has the spring arm set up, might not have the collision thing turned on though.