Stop subtitles overlapping?

I have subtitles set up, but whenever I call more than one subtitle they overlap. How can I stop this?

Here’s how my widget is set up:

and here’s it being called in my blueprint:

Hi man,
When you call the Subtitles event you can add a check!

You can add a variable to set and unset, for not create a widget if already done!
You can use a boolean
you can use the same widget, saving the return value using “promote to a variable” and checking if is valid/unvalid or visible/invisible !

Great, thank you very much!

This is what I’ve got, I can call the widget once, but once that widget has finished, I can’t call it again?

Thats because the widget still “exist” even if you “remove it from parent” (widgets cant be deleted , there is a system garbage that should care of it)
So, to make the variable invalid again,
you can set the variable to nothing , here a pic , (new var 0 is the widget reference )

Sorted, thanks!