Stop sound playing at checkpoint

Hi. I’m doing Hour Of Code class, and want to have a background music playing when character steps at blueprint with collision sphere!

So I made EventActorbeginOverlap which plays the sound cue, but I want it to stop at checkpoint (comes with a starter pack, see below)

I’ve already tried many things to make it stop playing the sound but unsuccessful, tried casting from first BP to Checkpoint_BP to check if its enabled and than use Stop function for audio. Tried casting opposite way but couldnt use the audio in checkpoint BP (and in general casting is a bit confusing for me).
It seems there must be some easy solution just i cant get to it( already spent 10+ hours). And I should mention i’m new to this. Will be grateful if someone can help.

Rather than using PlaySound, try using SpawnSound. That way, you get a reference you can store to the sound, which you can use later to stop it playing.

I did use Spawn sound, its in first BP, and returned its value to a new var. But still didn’t manage to use it in checkpoint BP

and also i don’t really understand what to use as an object when casting to my first BP from checkpoint BP