Stop single taps firing when double tapping. Using the Ultimate Touch Components from the marketplace

At the moment whenever I double tap or pinch, the single tap fires. I’m using the ultimate touch components from the marketplace.
If anyone has any suggestions that would be great!
Thanks in advance.

I spent a number of hours looking for a double-tap routine (mostly for gamepad, but should work for any) and almost all of the ones I found used about the same ideas but they all also universally triggered a single tap whenever a double tap was achieved. I needed (and I suspect everyone else that would want a routing like this would too) to be able to process a single OR double tap, separately. After much searching and experimenting, I believe I have a routine that accomplishes this, and I wanted to share it back out to the community.

The essential way this needs to work is that the delay for the 2nd tap MUST complete its operations AFTER the single delay has completed. It is possible for the 2nd tap to complete its code before tap 1 completes its delay, and that will fail (And thats what all the other routines failed at) and trigger a single tap also.

By delaying the 2nd tap (either by another delay as seen below for testing purposes, or if there is enough code to execute that would take longer than the tap 1 delay) we can achieve proper separation between the 2 taps and can now process them individually.

I also wanted to present it to see if anyone can find any flaw in the reasoning or test it more thoroughly to try to get it to fail. I have tried this multiple times so far, and it has always correctly processed ONLY a singe OR a double tap, never both at the same time.