Stop showing Widgets on click [HELP ME PLEASE]

Hello guys,

I have this setup right now, 3 objects,you can click on the cube from the left and the sphere and they will show you a widget component with some info.

When you look an object(casting a LineTrace) and click on a button, it shows through a Blueprint Interface Event, the Widget.

The problem I have is, I want to stop showing the widget info when I click out of the object or click in another object. I can get it to stop showing the widget when I stop looking the object, but I don’t know how to make it when Im not looking into it and press the click button.

I have a blueprint interface that tell me when I’m looking or not to an actor with the LineTrace, but If I stop looking into the actor, I can use the click input from the player, because the interface won’t send the message, as I’m not looking anymore into the object…