Stop Sequence From Playing

I have a level sequence to play a cinematic cutscene. How do I allow the player to skip the sequence? Right now I have it where you press a button to play the sequence. Once it is finished it goes back to the character to walk around. I added another button to be able to stop the sequence once it starts, but it just freezes the sequence and never reverts the controls back to the character.

Use set playback position. Have fun stopping sequence :slight_smile:

Aw man, I forgot about that. That did it. Thanks

Now I can get it to successfully stop and revert to the character, but now I can’t retrigger the sequence without restarting the level. Is there a way to reset it so it can be retriggered?


You probably have a handle on this by now, but in case you’re still stuck: have you tried setting the playback position to the beginning of the sequence?

Just draw out from the sequence node and type in these.

2021 | 4.25.4 : Create a Custom Event (Stop Sequence for example) and use the mentioned node ::go to end and stop:: with target to sequence player. Then, open Level Blueprint, call InputAction Skip and create a reference to ur sequence master blueprint, get the Custom Event from reference and connect them :3 enjoy!