Stop sellers running permanent sales

Title says it all. Every time I look at the “On Sale” section of the marketplace, I see the same assets from the same sellers over and over again. In fact, some sellers like “Game-Ready” for example, seem to be permanently in there. Their assets are on permanent sale. I feel as though these sellers are simply abusing the discoverability of the “On Sale” section.

Would be great if Epic could find away to stop sellers from doing this and provide a bit of an incentive for other sellers to run sales on their assets. Maybe throw an extra couple of percent to sellers if they run a sale and haven’t done so in 6 months for example. Maybe also a maximum total number of days that an asset can be “On Sale” in a 12 month period. Just some ideas.

What bothers me is the fact that they can Increase/Decrease price at any time.

First release , product was 165e, after 2 days It dropped to 20e or something.
There needs to be a penalty or something.

It’s actually impossible to run permanent sales anymore, to combat perpetual sales the marketplace team instituted a system where a product can be on a self initiated sale for 30 (or 60?) days maximum. Event sales don’t count towards that limit, but an individual product shouldn’t be on sale longer than that period.

That being said, it’s also depending on if/how they’re enforcing it. I don’t know if it’s automated or not, we don’t really know much of anything when it comes to things like that but it’s generally agreed among sellers that running too many sales year round is not a good thing.

@Coverop There should probably be a lock in period for price changes I agree. I.E. You change a price, and it can’t be changed again for 30 days or something to that effect. That’s definitely a point worth raising if people are attempting to circumvent the sale limit by reducing it that way.

Event sales should certainly count towards that limit, 30 days on sale is already a huge window which makes it seem more like a regular price. I hope the cooling off period also includes price adjustments pre-event sales to stop people bumping prices up and offering the regular price on sale. Its shady to say a product is on sale when its not and that reflects poorly on Epic more than the individual marketplace sellers as it should.

Guess that days limit is not enforced automatically because sellers like Game Ready are in there constantly all year round. I’m tired of seeing their assets.

Game Ready seems to have about 2 pages full of content in their store. In which case if they planned it right they could theoretically have an item on sale in the store every day of the year. Not technically against the current policy, but I definitely see what you mean. Perhaps making the limit universal to a seller rather than individual to a product would solve that issue.

I don’t know… I reckon I’ve seen their “Flying Monster” on sale for about 364 of the last 365 days… Surprise, surprise it’s in there right now!

Just drowns out other sellers that are more reasonable about running sales. Especially when you see sellers running long term sales of 5-15% like Game Ready seems to do. That just feels like they are abusing the system to me.