Stop playing anim montage

This code not works, but as test in Print String true/false working correctly.

I have tried used Stop Anim montage but no stop. I have one animation and I need to stop from 0.50 time and I used Notifies for that. All is working correct, only Stopping not working.

Also I want to know how to use animation from 0.50 to 0.80 seconds? I think I can use Notifies too for that.
I don’t want split in two montage because I know exists good solution for that.

Thank you.

I thnig that the animate montage you try to stop is not the same that you did playing.

Please double check the anim montage again

Hey, the node you are looking for is called “Montage Stop” not “Stop Anim Montage”.
To acces it in your character blueprint, drag in a “skeleton mesh” reference drag out and get the “anim instace”. Then drag out from your “anim instance” and search “Montage Stop”.