Stop physics rotation from actor

I wanna to stop actor rotación when its bouncing on a superficie, buy i wanna still keep rotating when i press a key. i been searching and i couldtn found anything. if i block rotation on the axis i wannted on physics component, i cant rotate after from a pressing key, i dont not waht to do, maybe a way to rotate the actor whid out unblock de rotate axis on physics idk.

You just need to play with “Set Contraint Mode” and “Set Symulate Physics”.


You manually set the default value either locking the rotation axis or not. In this example, I locked all 3 axis.
So, it will start with no rotations, and if you press L, it will remove the contraints (mode=none) and the mesh will start rotating. Press L again, and the mesh stops rotating (mode=default). And so on.