Stop physic mesh to collide for ever when stuck

Hi all,

I have a bunch of physical mesh that need to collide together. But I need them to stop colliding for ever, when sometime some mesh are stuck between others, and its doing the Harlem Shake.

Can I call for all of them to stop simulating after a while, and staying where they are?

Thank you for your help


You can set Simulate Physics to false and reset body velocity to zero when the collision hit event is fired.

Thank you Bruno. That need to be done in the blueprint of the static mesh, right?

Do you know if there is a way to stop ALL physic simulation, and not individually for each mesh?


You could store all in an array and loop disable each one’s or add a trigger volume to the scene enveloping the area where all bodies will enter. Then on begin overlap event you cast to make sure it’s type of object you aim for and then disable physics for them

Hi thanks.
Actually my project is a little bit special, and the camera does not move. So the trigger would not work.

I would like to use a Timeline event in the level blueprint to disable all physic when I don’t need them anymore.