Stop Pawn from walking off edge

To learn UE4 I decided to design a quick level based off of the third person template with a few tweaks.
So far I have learned how to position items, alter their properties, etc…

Now I am looking at the blueprints of the pawn.
So far I have worked out how to prevent the pawn from jumping, but the pawn can still fall off ledges to get to places he shouldn’t.
How do I prevent this? I assume it is in blueprints, but I’m struggling to understand.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?

Make sure that your nav Mesh is not laid over the edge of your ledges, or is being laid down is in those spots you don’t want them to be.
if there’s no nav mesh in those areas your pawn cannot go there. As far as i know the pawn can only move around whats within
the nav mesh area if its directed by AI.

You can also add blocking volumes … I haven’t tried this myself with AI but they should still work.

Yeah that should do it, invisible block wall volumes with collision on.

If your pawn is using the character movement component, then set walk of ledges to false.
If not, blocking volumes.