Stop/Pause/Cancel Level Sequence?

Hey, so i was wondering how i can stop a sequence player.
See i want a song playing in the background while the game is playing, then near the end of the map i have a sequence player setup that goes on for a few seconds before the map ends. During this sequence player there is another song playing, so i need the first song to stop or even better fade out.

Basicly: I want a song to be playing until i call it to stop or fade.

How can i do this? i have tried alot of different ways but i just cant get the song to stop or pause.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Thank U for your qaq. so i hope can help u:
the song u can Pull out a node,and length ,do this ,you can get a float time,next u can use a node,set timer by event ,and u can do this u want;
u can use stop and pause node to do this;