Stop Old Sound Before New Starts?

Hello again! I am here with another question.
I have a game, in which certain places trigger a narration, but the problem is that sometimes the old sound is still playing when I walk into the trigger for the new sound. When that happens, the narrator speaks with two voices at once. If you step into the new voice’s triggerbox, I want the old voice to stop and the new one to start. So far I’ve tried using a sound class (to no avail - found out you cannot stop a soundclass via blueprints) and an array (no idea how to properly do it). The idea is - before you step into the new voice’s triggerbox, there’s a ‘stop’ node and then a ‘play 2D audio’ for the new narration.
Here’s the array problem :

Any help would be nice, thanks!

You can use the sound concurrency settings to automatically end any old sounds before playing a new one.
You just need to set the max concurrency count to 1 and apply the settings to all your narrator audio.
It will only affect all the sounds that have that specific sound concurrency applied to them, so everything else still plays normally.