Stop Matinee after export of jpeg sequence?

I have a camera move that runs for 10 seconds and I’m using the Blueprint with these nodes to export a jpeg sequence high resolution. Everything works except the pop up window while exporting the sequence won’t allow me to close it to stop the export. I have to hit cntrl/alt/delete and completely log off my computer.

I’m using these nodes in the Blueprint, level. Is there a node I can add to close the matinee after it reaches the last keyframe?


You can use an Execute Console Command node with the command Quit and plug it to Matinee Finished pin. Select your Matinee > right click in level BP > Create a Matinee Controller for… to get the Finished pin.

Thanks for the reply. I’m new to the program can you outline the steps like I’m a 2 year old? Thanks!

Select your Matinee actor in the level and open up the Level BP. Then right click anywhere on the graph and create a matinee controller:


Then right click again, type execute into the search bar to get the Execute Console Command node:

Finally plug Finished output pin of Matinee controller to the console command node and type Quit to command section:


Make sure Matinee isn’t set to loop. Otherwise Finished wont fire.

Thank you I will try it.

Works perfect thanks for the detailed instructions.