Stop Level for Score / Restart Options

Hi all,

I have basic game system setup of “collecting” objects by collision, and the score increases. Think of mario and coins, echo and rings, etc.

When a certain number have been collected (or countdown timer expires) how can I “stop” the level? I want stop the game and then use the HUD to put up scores, with a try again button. I know how to restart the level, I know how to pause the level, but how do I “stop”, or end the level?

“Set Game Paused” actually gives me the functionality I want other than the word “pause” on the screen. Do I just use Pause and then change the text? I am learning and would rather learn the best practice way to do this instead of a cobbled together hack I can get functional.

If using pause is what I want ok…how do I change the text / remove it?

Thank you,

So I have been working on it - if I use pause, the game truly pauses, and I can’t bind a key press to restart the level…so I am thinking there is something better than “Set Game Paused” that I should use?

In the following image you can see my process. When all the conditions are met, I am playing a sound, and using the HUD to show text. I then have a delay for the sound to finish, and then I pause the game. I can’t get the keypress of “p” to restart the level - I assume because the game is paused.


Any ideas on a better way to do this, or way to make this functional for my needs?


All you need to do is go to the “p” event and enable Execute when paused.

Thanks - it works.

Am I using “Set Game Paused” correctly for an end of level score / replay level decision situation? Better way to do this?

I am not sure, I am working on finding a good way to pause the game and work with inventory and menu screen right now. So far I am not sure what the best way to go about it is.