Stop hacker?

I’ve changed my email password, my epic games password. But still he signs on. Even manages to disable my authentication. So what gives? I guess I have to disable single sign on?
Please help EPIC I’m in USA and this guy IP address is in Serbia. How can you not know?

Hello, maybe your mail account was hacked too?

Could it be a keylogger or some other kind of malware issue too? I can’t think of any other ways someone could so consistently and quickly find out your password every time you change it.

It would be cool though if websites, apps and forums started allowing you to region-lock your account. Even if someone steals your credentials, they won’t be able to log in unless they happen to live nearby. In this situation it probably wouldn’t help since they apparently have the ability to disable your authentication too, but it would help in a lot of other situations.

Consider using a different device with a mobile internet connection THAT IS NOT CONNECTED TO YOUR WIFI/ROUTER. Borrow a friends phone or tablet and change your credentials on there. If it were me, I’d refresh my computer’s OS and get a different router. Hackers can compromise your router and filter the data packets for encrypted passwords and usernames and decrypt them on the fly. With this method you can change your credentials several times and he can capture the change each time.

It’s a lot of work, but if you want to be rid of this guy I’d try that. Oh and obviously a good malware and virus scanner. Those things are not guaranteed to work though.

Edit: It seems like other users are also complaining about there accounts being breached even after changing there credentials. It could also be an internal issue that Epic has to deal with. Beyond what I already wrote above, I’m not sure how else someone could so quickly get your password.