stop giving us free stuff that the 4.24 wont support

WOW i cant use anyhting now this new version breaks everything

good job
and the current fix is to go get 4.22 and 4.23 ( LIKE WTF ) then add assets , save , and then open 4.24 and then open those , with said assets and COPY a version over and let your pc sit forever as it compiles shaders like a idiot

all day to get to the point and i go look to save time at adding some of the free stuff and how i know i need 4.23 was this reason some of your free stuff you outted was 4.23 only

id like to know if youd buy me some hard drive space…this is getting stupid real fast…cant wait for 4.25 oh wait yes i can

heres a list of 4.23 stuff i had now i cant use unless i do the above…

infinity blade :castle
infinity blade: temple
infinity blade:hideout
infinity blade:villiage

also every paragon character is no longer compatible
and has to go thorugh the above to work

this process is not acceptable for devloping anything

i have literally 50 more assets that 4.22 and 4.23 can use but says is not 4.24 compatible

so there is ZERO reason to get 4.24 cause this issue takes you so much time to convert and i have to keep pissing round forever
on importing rather then doing stuff

LOL Are you serious? Complaining for getting free stuff?!

are you serious? that every version i do with everything i make im going to have to do the above EVEN if its free or not is acceptable to you ? NO R U SERIOUS
shaders compiling , lets say i made a COMPLETLY custom whatever in 4.23 , you get 4.24 and poof you still ahve to do everything i said above

and before the engine will even open its gonna run through allllllll the shaders

SO R U SERIOUS this is how this is gonna be as 4.25 is right round the corner
ill need 5 trillion version of an engine to get anyhting **** well done.

blender is the same issue of late , keep adding features every 2 months and changing stuff to the point no one knows what the flying heck anymore

trust me this is more about release schedules then it the freebies but hey then stop doing it dont care not gonna take this time to now go through and sort all the bs out

and since makign this i get constant errors on this page im done bye

No one is forcing you to upgrade, be happy that the files can be used at all than complaining that you have to do a bit of extra work to open them in the latest version that was just released.

well i just lost an entire project cause of this it no longer opens in 4.22 or 4.24
this is the problem its there i jsut cant open it in either verion now

yet before this update it 4.24 had no issue at all

I was thinking the same thing… Besides, he just needs to hang out for a week or so, they will be upgraded to 4.24.


just dont update holy cow.

Understand your grief but maybe you should do as they say and use a copy for upgrading, to make sure everything still works before going ahead. :slight_smile:

As you say, it is free stuff. I myself am thankful to get access to these fantastic resources. So I personally have no problems with some efforts to make it work in a new engine version or waiting some time for supported versions. Would you prefer to create everything from scratch on your own?

ROFL this is why you don’t convert in place. you open a copy of your project and convert that incase there are issues with the conversion.

I’ll echo the backup option,and so sorry you lost data. I always let launcher make a ‘copy’ of project because the possibility of what you experienced is far too grave to take chances with.